10 Random Things About Myself,

  • I have a small blanket with 2 kittens on it (ill post a pic one day)
  • I love Barbecue Chips, like Love em <3x100
  • (ෆ❛ั▿❛ัʃƪ) <— this my koo face .
  • Im watching ‘Mad Men’ right now that show is too dope (Season 3!)
  • May 21 is my birthday, Gemini
  • Word choices are fascinating to me.
  • I go to Fidm in Downtown LA, Graphic Design major
  • I discovered a math formula!, ..well not exactly but I learned it so Im a Math wiz now
  • I name all the stray cats on my block, its true.
  • I think Nirvana is my favorite band, & I dont usually say ‘favorite’ when it comes to music and I say I think because it could change. It probably will,

p.s. Half of these are tweets, follow me if you’d like, I tweet random shit (warning)

https://twitter.com/itsmrjess ;)

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